The study of short-range hyperfragments — The decays

Research paper by A. W. Key, S. Lokanathan, Y. Prakash

Indexed on: 08 Feb '08Published on: 08 Feb '08Published in: Il Nuovo Cimento (1955-1965)


A study of about 1500 short-range (RH.F.⩽10 µm) hyperfragments observed among K− interactions at 3500, 1500 and 800 MeV/c has been made. The binding energy (BΛ) limits have been obtained both from the nonmesonic and the mesonic decays of these hyperfragments. 10 mesonic decays of hyperfragments of mass number about 20÷100 have been observed and an upper limit ofBΛ ≈ (20÷35) MeV has been inferred. The problem of the A0 binding energy in nuclear matter has also been discussed.