The Stereochemical Course of the α-Hydroxyphosphonate-Phosphate Rearrangement.

Research paper by Katharina K Pallitsch, Alexander A Roller, Friedrich F Hammerschmidt

Indexed on: 11 Jun '15Published on: 11 Jun '15Published in: Chemistry - A European Journal


The phosphonate-phosphate rearrangement is an isomerisation of α-hydroxyphosphonates bearing electron-withdrawing substituents at the α-carbon atom. We studied the stereochemical course of this rearrangement with respect to phosphorus. A set of four diastereomeric α-hydroxyphosphonates was prepared by a Pudovik reaction from two diastereomeric cyclic phosphites. The hydroxyphosphonates were separated and rearranged with Et3 N as base. In analogy to trichlorphon, which was the first reported compound undergoing this rearrangement. All four hydroxyphosphonates could be rearranged to 2,2-dichlorovinyl phosphates. Single-crystal X-ray structure analyses of the α-hydroxyphosphonates and the corresponding phosphates allowed us to show that the rearrangement proceeds with retention of configuration on the phosphorus atom.