The starred Dixmier's conjecture

Research paper by Vered Moskowicz

Indexed on: 18 Feb '14Published on: 18 Feb '14Published in: Mathematics - Rings and Algebras


Dixmier's famous question says the following: Is every algebra endomorphism of the first Weyl algebra, $A_1(F)$, where $F$ is a zero characteristic field, an automorphism? Let $\alpha$ be the exchange involution on $A_1(F)$: $\alpha(x)= y$, $\alpha(y)= x$. An $\alpha$-endomorphism of $A_1(F)$ is an endomorphism which preserves the involution $\alpha$. Then one may ask the following question, which may be called the "$\alpha$-Dixmier's problem $1$" or the "starred Dixmier's problem $1$": Is every $\alpha$-endomorphism of $A_1(F)$ an automorphism?