The S Wave Pion Deuteron Scattering Length in Effective Field Theory

Research paper by Bugra Borasoy, Harald W. Griesshammer

Indexed on: 14 Nov '02Published on: 14 Nov '02Published in: Nuclear Theory


The S wave pion deuteron scattering length is presented at NLO in the Effective Field Theory formulation of the two nucleon system with perturbative pions. At this order, this observable is determined by the iso-scalar S wave pion nucleon scattering length a^+, by pion re-scattering contributions inside the deuteron and by two nucleon two pion contact interactions that involve two unknown parameters which renormalise the appearing divergences. By choosing their values accordingly and in agreement with their natural sizes predicted by the power counting, we are able to accommodate the available experimental data. However, a^+ cannot be determined from pion deuteron scattering directly. An ongoing experiment at PSI aiming to reduce the error bars by an order of magnitude will make it possible to pin down the size of these counter terms more accurately. We compare our findings to an approach in which pions are treated non-perturbatively.