The Role of Microsatellites in Streptophyta Gene Evolution.

Research paper by Abdulqader A Jighly, Ayed M AM Al-Abdallat, Loai M LM Alnemer

Indexed on: 25 Jan '17Published on: 25 Jan '17Published in: Journal of Molecular Evolution


Microsatellites form hotspot regions for recombination. In this research, we investigated whether genic microsatellites can be responsible for generating new genes by enhancing crossover between gene containing microsatellites and other genomic regions. We tested our hypothesis on 33,531 UniGene entries containing microsatellites. Each sequence was divided into microsatellites upstream and downstream fragments, and each pair of sequences was compared to study the microsatellites effect. The candidate pairs of genes are supposed to share a high similar fragment in one side of the microsatellites, while the other fragments should be completely different. This in silico approach detected 448 valid pairs of sequences in which both of them showed semi-resemblance nature. The synteny analysis for the detected sequences against 55 plant genomes indicated low representation of them across plant kingdom. Our results will add a body of knowledge toward understanding the role of microsatellites in gene evolution.