The role of cricothyrotomy, tracheostomy, and percutaneous tracheostomy in airway management.

Research paper by Jason A JA Akulian, Lonny L Yarmus, David D Feller-Kopman

Indexed on: 23 May '15Published on: 23 May '15Published in: Anesthesiology Clinics


Cricothyrotomy, percutaneous dilation tracheostomy, and surgical tracheostomy are cost-effective and safe techniques employed in the management of critically ill patients requiring insertion of an artificial airway. These procedures have been well characterized and studied in the surgical, emergency medicine, and critical care literature. This article focuses on the role of each of these modalities in airway management, specifically comparing the data for each procedure in regard to procedural outcomes. The authors discuss the techniques available and the relevant background data regarding choice of each method and its integration into clinical practice.