The rings of n-dimensional polytopes

Research paper by L. Hakova, M. Larouche, J. Patera

Indexed on: 29 Jan '09Published on: 29 Jan '09Published in: Mathematics - Metric Geometry


Points of an orbit of a finite Coxeter group G, generated by n reflections starting from a single seed point, are considered as vertices of a polytope (G-polytope) centered at the origin of a real n-dimensional Euclidean space. A general efficient method is recalled for the geometric description of G- polytopes, their faces of all dimensions and their adjacencies. Products and symmetrized powers of G-polytopes are introduced and their decomposition into the sums of G-polytopes is described. Several invariants of G-polytopes are found, namely the analogs of Dynkin indices of degrees 2 and 4, anomaly numbers and congruence classes of the polytopes. The definitions apply to crystallographic and non-crystallographic Coxeter groups. Examples and applications are shown.