The ribonuclease/angiogenin inhibitor is also present in mitochondria and nuclei.

Research paper by Adriana A Furia, Marco M Moscato, Gaetano G Calì, Elio E Pizzo, Elena E Confalone, Maria Rosaria MR Amoroso, Franca F Esposito, Lucio L Nitsch, Giuseppe G D'Alessio

Indexed on: 01 Feb '11Published on: 01 Feb '11Published in: FEBS Letters


The data presented here show for the first time that the protein known as "ribonuclease (RNase) inhibitor" (RI or RNH1) is present not only in the cell cytosol, but also in mitochondria, the central organelles in cell redox homeostasis. This finding directly correlates with the reported ability of RI to protect the cell from oxidative stress, with its sensitivity to oxidation and reactivity as a reactive oxygen species scavenger. While this study was carried out we also surprisingly discovered the presence of RI in the cell nucleus. We deem that these data open new views in the investigation on the cellular role(s) of the RI.