The properties of N-doped diamond-like carbon films prepared by helicon wave plasma chemical vapor deposition

Research paper by Jiali CHEN, Peiyu JI, Chenggang JIN, Lanjian ZHUGE Xuemei WU

Indexed on: 17 Dec '18Published on: 13 Dec '18Published in: Plasma Science and Technology


In this paper, N-doped diamond-like carbon (DLC) films were deposited on silicon substrates by using helicon wave plasma chemical vapor deposition (HWP-CVD) with the Ar/CH 4 /N 2 mixed gas. The surface morphology, structural and mechanical properties of the N-doped DLC films were investigated in detail by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), Raman spectra, and atomic force microscopy (AFM). It can be observed from SEM images that surface morphology of the films become compact and uniform due to the incorporation of N. The maximum of the deposition rate of the films is 143 nm min −1 , which is related to the high plasma density. The results of XPS show that the N incorporates in the films and the C−C sp 3 bond content increases firstly up to the maximum (20%) at 10 sccm of N 2 flow rate, and then decreases with further increase in the N 2 flow rate. The maximum Young’s modulus of the ...