The Production, Spectrum and Evolution of Cosmic Strings in Brane Inflation

Research paper by Nicholas T. Jones, Horace Stoica, S. -H. Henry Tye

Indexed on: 31 Mar '03Published on: 31 Mar '03Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


Brane inflation in superstring theory predicts that cosmic strings (but not domain walls or monopoles) are produced towards the end of the inflationary epoch. Here, we discuss the production, the spectrum and the evolution of such cosmic strings, properties that differentiate them from those coming from an abelian Higgs model. As D-branes in extra dimensions, some type of cosmic strings will dissolve rapidly in spacetime, while the stable ones appear with a spectrum of cosmic string tensions. Moreover, the presence of the extra dimensions reduces the interaction rate of the cosmic strings in some scenarios, resulting in an order of magnitude enhancement of the number/energy density of the cosmic string network when compared to the field theory case.