The preparation of Bell state using ground state of \Lambda -type Rb atoms in two optical cavities

Research paper by Wenlin Li, Chong Li, Heshan Song

Indexed on: 10 Jan '14Published on: 10 Jan '14Published in: Optical and Quantum Electronics


The preparation process of quantum Bell states \({\vert }\psi ^{\pm }\rangle \) is investigated using two \(\Lambda \)-type Rydberg atoms for the carriers. Two ground states \({\vert }f\rangle \) and \({\vert }g\rangle \) of the \(\Lambda \)-type atoms are defined as logical states \({\vert }0\rangle \) and \(\left| \hbox {1} \right\rangle \) to establish the physical model for preparing quantum state based on the quantum Zeno dynamics theory. Further, the theoretical analysis and derivation for the physical model are completed, and preparation of Bell state is obtained. Finally, feasibility analysis about the preparation scheme of Bell states is made. The transitions between atomic energy levels can be avoided after completing preparation of Bell state because the logic states \({\vert }0\rangle \) and \({\vert }1\rangle \) are all the ground states in this work.