The poset perspective on alternating sign matrices

Research paper by Jessica Striker

Indexed on: 27 May '09Published on: 27 May '09Published in: Mathematics - Combinatorics


Alternating sign matrices (ASMs) are square matrices with entries 0, 1, or -1 whose rows and columns sum to 1 and whose nonzero entries alternate in sign. We put ASMs into a larger context by studying the order ideals of subposets of a certain poset, proving that they are in bijection with a variety of interesting combinatorial objects, including ASMs, totally symmetric self--complementary plane partitions (TSSCPPs), Catalan objects, tournaments, semistandard Young tableaux, and totally symmetric plane partitions. We use this perspective to prove an expansion of the tournament generating function as a sum over TSSCPPs which is analogous to a known formula involving ASMs.