The pattern of pairing that is effective for crossing over in complex B-A chromosome rearrangements in maize

Research paper by Marjorie P. Maguire

Indexed on: 01 Jan '84Published on: 01 Jan '84Published in: Chromosoma


Special stocks involving complex B and A doubly translocated and recombined chromosomes were utilized to study the frequency and distribution of chiasmata under constrained conditions. The studies allow comparisons of frequency of pairing effective for crossing over in segments of different length and location in chromosomes that are present in disomic and trisomic quantity. Results provide new evidence for independent initiation of effective pairing in intercalary chromosome regions and suggest sequential events in the establishment of effective pairing, some of which may depend upon synaptic extension or two-by-two prealignment. Pairing frequency may depend directly on segment length under potentially competitive conditions. Evidence was not found for heterogeneity of pairing capacity within the regions studied.