The path from student to mentor and from chromosomes to replication to genomics.

Research paper by Susan A SA Gerbi

Indexed on: 02 Nov '16Published on: 02 Nov '16Published in: Molecular biology of the cell


The American Society for Cell Biology Women in Cell Biology Sandra Masur Senior Award recognizes leadership in scientific accomplishments and in mentoring, which are intertwined. My development as a scientist reflects important mentors in my life, including my father and Joe Gall, who is my "Doktor Vater." In turn, as an established investigator, my scientific successes in researching 1) chromosomes, their replication and genomics, and 2) ribosomes, their structure, evolution, and biogenesis, reflects the hard work of my students and postdocs, for whom I act as a mentor, guiding them in their research and along their career paths.