The one-step synthesis of dense titanium-carbide tiles

Research paper by R. V. Raman, S. V. Rele, S. Poland, J. Lasalvia, M. A. Meyers, A. R. Niiler

Indexed on: 01 Mar '95Published on: 01 Mar '95Published in: JOM (Warrendale, Pa. : 1989)


Self-propagating, high-temperature synthesis (SHS), which is an attractive process for forming alloys, cermets, ceramics, and composites, has been combined with a rapid quasi-isostatic consolidation technology called the CeraconTM process. This one-step synthesis and densification route has been applied to the rapid fabrication of large 15 cm × 15 cm × 2.5 cm titanium carbide tiles. A cost analysis of this process based on prototype quantities shows that the cost of the process is 30–50% of that of current manufacturing processes.