The nonvolatile metabolome of sunflower linear glandular trichomes.

Research paper by Otmar O Spring, Jens J Pfannstiel, Iris I Klaiber, Jürgen J Conrad, Uwe U Beifuß, Lysanne L Apel, Anna-Katharina AK Aschenbrenner, Reinhard R Zipper

Indexed on: 29 Sep '15Published on: 29 Sep '15Published in: Phytochemistry


Uniseriate linear glandular trichomes occur on stems, leaves and flowering parts of Helianthus species and related taxa. Their metabolic activity and biological function are still poorly understood. A phytochemical study documented the accumulation of bisabolene type sesquiterpenes and flavonoids as the major constituents of the non-volatile metabolome of linear glandular trichomes in the common sunflower, Helianthus annuus. Besides known sesquiterpenes of the glandulone, helibisabonol and heliannuol type, four previously undescribed sesquiterpenes named glandulone D, E, F and helibisabonol C were identified by spectroscopic analysis. In addition, four known nevadensin type flavonoids varying in O-methoxy substitutions were found. None of them has previously been reported from Helianthus annuus.