The NC1 domain of type XIX collagen inhibits melanoma cell migration.

Research paper by Aida A Toubal, Laurent L Ramont, Christine C Terryn, Sylvie S Brassart-Pasco, Dominique D Patigny, Janos J Sapi, Jean-Claude JC Monboisse, François-Xavier FX Maquart

Indexed on: 16 Sep '10Published on: 16 Sep '10Published in: European Journal of Dermatology


Type XIX collagen is a minor collagen that localizes to basement membrane zones. We previously demonstrated that the C-terminal NC1 domain of type XIX collagen inhibits tumor growth in vivo. In the present study, we analyzed the effects of the NC1(XIX) collagen domain on migratory behaviour of melanoma B16F10 cells. We found that NC1(XIX) do not inhibit melanoma cell proliferation. On the contrary, NC1(XIX) strongly inhibited the migratory capacities of melanoma cells in the scratch wound model and in Ibidi® devices: cell migration speed was 7.69 ± 1.49 μm/h for the controls vs 6.64 ± 0.82 μm/h for cells incubated with 30 μmol/L NC1(XIX) and 5.72 ± 0.67 μmol/h with 60 μmol/L NC1(XIX). Similar results were obtained with UACC 903 human melanoma cells. Further work will be necessary to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of this migration inhibition. It may, however, explain, at least partially, the inhibition of tumor growth that we observed in vivo.

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