The MARS2013 Mars analog mission.

Imported: 08 May '16 | Published: 16 May '14

Gernot G Groemer, Alexander A Soucek, Norbert N Frischauf, Willibald W Stumptner, Christoph C Ragonig, Sebastian S Sams, Thomas T Bartenstein, Sandra S Häuplik-Meusburger, Polina P Petrova, Simon S Evetts, Chan C Sivenesan, Claudia C Bothe, Andrea A Boyd, Aline A Dinkelaker, Markus M Dissertori, et al.


Abstract: We report on the MARS2013 mission, a 4-week Mars analog field test in the northern Sahara. Nineteen experiments were conducted by a field crew in Morocco under simulated martian surface exploration conditions, supervised by a Mission Support Center in Innsbruck, Austria. A Remote Science Support team analyzed field data in near real time, providing planning input for the management of a complex system of field assets; two advanced space suit simulators, four robotic vehicles, an emergency shelter, and a stationary sensor platform in a realistic work flow were coordinated by a Flight Control Team. A dedicated flight planning group, external control centers for... Read More

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