The loop-erased random walk and the uniform spanning tree on the four-dimensional discrete torus

Research paper by Jason Schweinsberg

Indexed on: 29 Jul '07Published on: 29 Jul '07Published in: Mathematics - Probability


Let x and y be points chosen uniformly at random from $\Z_n^4$, the four-dimensional discrete torus with side length n. We show that the length of the loop-erased random walk from x to y is of order $n^2 (\log n)^{1/6}$, resolving a conjecture of Benjamini and Kozma. We also show that the scaling limit of the uniform spanning tree on $\Z_n^4$ is the Brownian continuum random tree of Aldous. Our proofs use the techniques developed by Peres and Revelle, who studied the scaling limits of the uniform spanning tree on a large class of finite graphs that includes the d-dimensional discrete torus for $d \geq 5$, in combination with results of Lawler concerning intersections of four-dimensional random walks.