The kinetics of iodide oxidation by hydrogen peroxide in acid solution

Research paper by M. C. Milenković, D. R. Stanisavljev

Indexed on: 09 Dec '11Published on: 09 Dec '11Published in: Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A


The kinetics of the complex reaction between I− and H2O2 in acid media was investigated. The particular attention was focused on the determination of the rate constant of the reaction between HIO and H2O2 involved in the investigated complex process. The examination of the whole kinetics was performed by simultaneously monitoring the evolution of O2 pressure, I3− and I− concentrations. We modeled the behavior of experimentally followed components based on Liebhafsky’s research. Our preliminary results suggest a significantly higher rate constant (3.5 × 107 M−1 s−1) of the reaction between HIO and H2O2 as those proposed in the literature.