The Jiang-Su absorption for inclusions of unital C*-algebras

Research paper by Hiroyuki Osaka, Tamotsu Teruya

Indexed on: 30 Apr '14Published on: 30 Apr '14Published in: Mathematics - Operator Algebras


In this paper we will introduce the tracial Rokhlin property for an inclusion of separable simple unital C*-algebras $P \subset A$ with finite index in the sense of Watatani, and prove theorems of the following type. Suppose that $A$ belongs to a class of C*-algebras characterized by some structural property, such as tracial rank zero in the sense of Lin. Then $P$ belongs to the same class. The classes we consider include:(1) Simple C*-algebras with real rank zero or stable rank one, (2) Simple C*-algebras with tracial rank zero or tracial rank less than or equal to one, (3) Simple C*-algebras with the Jiang-Su algebra $\mathcal{Z}$ absorption, (4) Simple C*-algebras for which the order on projections is determined by traces, (5) Simple C*-algebras with the strict comparison property for the Cuntz semigroup. The conditions (3) and (5) are important properties related to Toms and Winter's conjecture, that is, the properties of strict comparison, finite nuclear dimension, and Z-absorption are equivalent for separable simple infinite-dimensional nuclear unital C*-algebras. We show that an action $\alpha$ from a finite group $G$ on a simple unital C*-algebra $A$ has the tracial Rokhlin property in the sense of Phillips if and only if the canonical conditional expectation $E\colon A \rightarrow A^G$ has the tracial Rokhlin property for an inclusion $A^G \subset A$.