The Influence of Radiation Quality on the in vitro Rooting and Nutrient Concentrations of Peach Rootstock

Research paper by C. Antonopoulou, K. Dimassi, I. Therios, C. Chatzissavvidis

Indexed on: 01 Dec '04Published on: 01 Dec '04Published in: Biologia Plantarum


The effect of radiation quality (350 – 740 nm) and darkness (D) on in vitro rooting, and chemical composition of the peach rootstock GF 677 was studied. Shoot explants were exposed for four weeks to cool white (control) (W), red (R), blue (B), green (G) or yellow (Y) radiation from fluorescent tubes. Some of the explants were kept in D during the rooting stage and others were maintained only for the first 2- or 4-d under R, B, G, Y or D, and subsequently were transferred to W. W was the most effective radiation source for adventitious root formation of GF 677 explants. Rooting was inhibited in those plants that remained in continuous D, and R reduced root growth in all treatments. The 2- or 4-d exposure to D, Y or B followed by W helped adventitious root development similarly as did W. G significantly increased Fe concentration in roots.