The influence of plasma operation parameters on synthesis process of copper particles at atmospheric pressure

Research paper by Valentina Marascu, Andrada Lazea‐Stoyanova, Cristian Stancu, Gheorghe Dinescu

Indexed on: 02 Nov '17Published on: 04 Sep '17Published in: Plasma Processes and Polymers


Copper particles, generated using an atmospheric pressure plasma jet (APPJ), are characterized and their generation is studied. The particle synthesis is based on the vaporization/condensation process. In our study, we used a radiofrequency (RF) plasma jet operating in an inert gas and copper bulk metal as source material. The RF power effects on the plasma characteristics are investigated. Correlating the information obtained by optical emission spectroscopy (OES), with visual investigations and with the profilometric electrode surface analyses we identify a RF power threshold when particles starts to be formed. Moreover, the metal vaporization stabilized after a couple of minutes of discharge operation. The influences of RF power over the particles shape, mean size and size distributions are studied.