The influence of a question prompt list on patient-oncologist information exchange in an African-American population.

Research paper by Ellen E Barton, Tanina Foster TF Moore, Lauren L Hamel, Louis L Penner, Terrance T Albrecht, Susan S Eggly

Indexed on: 31 Jan '21Published on: 06 Oct '19Published in: Patient Education and Counseling


Question Prompt Lists (QPL) increase patient active participation in oncology interactions, but questions remain regarding how QPLs influence patient-oncologist information exchange. We examined how a QPL influenced information exchange during oncology interactions with African-American patients. Data were self-reports and video recordings from a parent study testing the effects of a QPL in the outpatient clinics of two urban cancer hospitals. In this secondary analysis, we investigated which QPL questions patients identified as ones they wanted to ask their oncologists, how frequently patients/companions used patient active participation statements to seek information related to each QPL question, whether oncologists provided QPL-related information unprompted or prompted by patients/companions, and how frequently patients' QPL-related information needs were addressed or unaddressed. The QPL influenced information exchange by increasing patients' and companions' (if present) prompting for QPL-related information from their oncologists. Patients/companions most often prompted for QPL-related information about side effects and patient experience. This study builds on prior research on QPL interventions by expanding the object of study to information exchange and by analyzing patients' information needs. This research demonstrates that a QPL supports patient/companion participation in oncology consultations by making information exchange more interactive. Copyright © 2019 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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