The importance of thegloboconusa daubjergensis-kozlowskii gens as a time-marker in the lower tertiary

Research paper by J. Hofker

Indexed on: 01 Jun '76Published on: 01 Jun '76Published in: Paläontologische Zeitschrift


Globoconusa kozlowskii (Brotzen & Pozaryska) was found in the DSDP drill hole 47.2 in theTruncorotalia uncinata zone as the direct continuation ofG. daubjergensis (Brönnimann). As this species was found by Brotzen & Pozaryska in the typical Montian foraminiferal fauna, it is obvious that the Montian ist younger than the Type-Danian, the zone of which is characterized byG. daubjergensis. This species has been found typically in the underlying S.trinidadensis-pseudobulloides zone in the drill hole 47.2. With this discovery, the time of the layers with the Montian fauna (Tuffeau de Ciply, Calcaire de Mons, highest part of the Me* and the Bunde Fauna in South Limburg) is definitely established. *P = Paleocene; Me = Post Maestrichtian (above Type-Maestrichtian) = Danian; Md = Upper part of Maestrichtian Tuff Chalk.