The importance of the insulin inactivating properties of the liver (insulinase) in the mechanism of action of antidiabetic sulfonamide preparations

Research paper by S. M. Leites, N. P. Smirnov

Indexed on: 01 Jun '59Published on: 01 Jun '59Published in: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine


Insulinase activity is either entirely absent or is considerably lower in sexually immature rats weighing from 30 to 50 gm. Nadisan (BZ 55) has no hypoglycemic effect in the animals of this age. It comes with the sexual maturity and then nadisan exerts a hypoglycemic effect in these animals. Administration of chorionic gonadotropine or sex hormones to sexually immature rats is associated with appearance or intensification of insulinase activity and hypoglycemic effect of nadisan. Injection of testosterone propionate to adult rats affects neither the hepatic insulinase activity nor the hypoglycemic effect of nadisan. This shows that sex hormones have no direct activating action on insulinase but only promote the development of this enzyme system during ontogenesis. These data may lead to the conclusion that inactivation of hepatic insulinase by sulfonamides plays an important role in the mechanism of their hypoglycemic effect.