The identification of particulate matter in biological tissues and fluids.

Research paper by P R PR Crocker, P A PA Dieppe, G G Tyler, S K SK Chapman, D A DA Willoughby

Indexed on: 01 Jan '77Published on: 01 Jan '77Published in: The Journal of Pathology


Sections, 1-2 micron thick, of Araldite embedded tissue were prepared to provide a link between optical and electron microscopy for the identification of crystals. This technique permits examination of individual particles by means of polarising light microscopy, electron microscopy, X-ray energy spectroscopy and electron diffraction. It provides a reliable method for routine and research studies. It has led to the positive identification of individual crystals of calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate and hydroxyapatite in synovial fluids. The method can be applied to the identification of other particulate matter in a variety of biological specimens.