The hybrid quantum computer

Research paper by L. C. Kwek, Y. L. Lim, C. Wu, J. -L. Chen, X. Liu, X. Feng, D. M. Tong, K. W. Choo, C. H. Oh

Indexed on: 01 Aug '07Published on: 01 Aug '07Published in: Laser physics


In this paper, we look at the possibility of realizing one-way quantum computing through a hybrid quantum computing architecture based on stationary qubits inside an optical cavity and flying qubits (photons). It has been shown that direct qubit-qubit interactions for two-qubit gate implementations can be replaced by the experimentally less demanding generation of single photons on demand and linear optics photon pair measurements. The outcomes of these measurements indicate either the completion of the gate or the presence of the original qubits, such that the operation can be repeated until success.