The gradient estimate of a Neumann eigenfunction on a compact manifold with boundary

Research paper by Jingchen Hu, Yiqian Shi, Bin Xu

Indexed on: 25 Oct '15Published on: 25 Oct '15Published in: Chinese Annals of Mathematics, Series B


Let eλ(x) be a Neumann eigenfunction with respect to the positive Laplacian Δ on a compact Riemannian manifold M with boundary such that Δeλ = λ2eλ in the interior of M and the normal derivative of eλ vanishes on the boundary of M. Let χλ be the unit band spectral projection operator associated with the Neumann Laplacian and f be a square integrable function on M. The authors show the following gradient estimate for χλ f as \(\lambda \geqslant 1:{\left\| {\nabla {\chi _\lambda }{\kern 1pt} \left. f \right\|} \right._\infty } \leqslant C\left( {\lambda \left\| {{\chi _\lambda }{{\left. f \right\|}_\infty } + \left. {{\lambda ^{ - 1}}} \right\|} \right.\Delta {\chi _\lambda }{{\left. f \right\|}_\infty }} \right)\), where C is a positive constant depending only on M. As a corollary, the authors obtain the gradient estimate of eλ: For every λ ≥ 1, it holds that \(\left\| {\nabla {{\left. {{e_\lambda }} \right\|}_\infty } \leqslant C\left. \lambda \right\|} \right.{\left. {{e_\lambda }} \right\|_\infty }\).