The genomes of Desulfovibrio gigas and D. vulgaris.

Research paper by J R JR Postgate, H M HM Kent, R L RL Robson, J A JA Chesshyre

Indexed on: 01 Jul '84Published on: 01 Jul '84Published in: Journal of general microbiology


Two-dimensional electrophoresis of sequential double-restriction digests showed that the genome of Desulfovibrio gigas compromised 1.63 x 10(6) bp (1.09 x 10(9) Dal) of DNA; an ammonia-limited chemostat population possessed an average of nine genomes per cell and a multiplying batch culture possessed approximately 17 genomes per cell. The genome size of D. vulgaris (Hildenborough) was 1.72 x 10(6) bp (1.14 x 10(9) Dal); a population from an ammonia-limited batch culture contained four genomes per cell. Control digestions and analyses with Escherichia coli GM4 agreed reasonably with published values: a genome size of 3.95 x 10(6) bp and approximately two genomes per cell from a stationary batch culture in glucose minimal medium. Desulfovibrio gigas carried two plasmids of approximately 70 MDal (1.05 x 10(5) bp) and approximately 40 MDal (6 x 10(4) bp); D. vulgaris (Hildenborough) contained one of approximately 130 MDal (1.95 x 10(5) bp). Single plasmids were also detected in a second strain of D. vulgaris and in strain Berre sol of D. desulfuricans but not in 10 other desulfovibrios including representatives of D. desulfuricans, D. vulgaris, D. salexigens and D. africanus.