The genes for the alpha and proton-translocating subunits of wheat chloroplast ATP synthase are close together on the same strand of chloroplast DNA

Research paper by Christopher J. Howe, Catherine M. Bowman, Tristan A. Dyer, John C. Gray

Indexed on: 01 Apr '83Published on: 01 Apr '83Published in: Molecular & general genetics : MGG


The gene for the alpha subunit of chloroplast ATP synthase has been located in wheat chloroplast DNA using hybridisation to a fragment of spinach chloroplast DNA containing the alpha subunit gene, and in vitro coupled transcription-translation of cloned fragments of wheat chloroplast DNA. The gene is more than 20 kbp from the genes for the beta and epsilon subunits, but less than 2 kbp from the gene for the proton-translocating subunit (subunit III of CF0). The genes for the alpha and proton-translocating subunits are transcribed from the same DNA strand. The position of the alpha subunit gene is different from the position reported for spinach and Osmunda, probably due to an inversion of 20 kbp in wheat chloroplast DNA.