The Fukuyama Profile in Germany: A valuable contribution to vocational orientation in school

Research paper by Karl G. Zenke

Indexed on: 01 Dec '92Published on: 01 Dec '92Published in: Journal of career development


The few references to a possible increase of scholastic effort in furthering the development of a student's ability to choose methodically among occupations through working with the Fukuyama Profile are concentrated on the dimension of vocational knowledge which, in distinction to attitudes and intrinsic values, can probably be influenced directly and at short notice. Also the respect and intensively planned use of the Fukuyama Profile could be primarily of use in the area of cognitive factors in the methodical choice among occupations. This limitation however is valid for almost all efforts made during lessons to promote the methodical choice among occupations.The objective and contents of the Fukuyama Profile correspond extensively with the plan of teaching for the Secondary General Schools and Intermediate Schools, or at least it proposed a useful supplement.The range and content of the four page summary sheet could be a source of problems. The results should be shown in a way which would be easier for the students to understand and which would give more information in a more attractive way. Nevertheless, it must be stressed that both teachers and students welcomed the use of the Fukuyama Profile in connection with the other media and materials used during lessons in vocational guidance. The way of handling and dealing with the Program was described by teachers and students as being pleasant and easy. The style of the Fukuyama Profile on the screen of the personal computer and its way of use were not subject to criticism.The results of the student questionnaires show a whole series of allusions to promoting and working with the Fukuyama Profile within the schools to increase students' abilities to choose methodically among professions.