The frequency of HIV-I drug resistance mutations among treatment-naive individuals at a tertiary care centre in south India.

Research paper by A J AJ Kandathil, R R Kannangai, O C OC Abraham, P P Rupali, S A SA Pulimood, V P VP Verghese, P P Grant, D D Pillay, G G Sridharan

Indexed on: 25 Jul '09Published on: 25 Jul '09Published in: International journal of STD & AIDS


Antiretroviral treatment (ART) use in India requires information on baseline drug resistance mutations and polymorphisms in the protease (Pr) and reverse transcriptase (RT) genes of HIV-1 strains from treatment-naïve individuals. We report resistance predictor mutations and polymorphisms in the Pr and the RT sequence of non-clade B HIV-1 strains from ART naïve individuals. The genotypic resistance assay was done on 93 treatment-naïve individuals. The sequences were analysed by Stanford HIV drug resistance data for genotypic drug resistance analysis and REGA HIV-1 subtyping tool. Phylogenetic tree was generated with MEGA 4 for quality control. Ninety-two strains belonged to clade C and one to clade A (A1). Amino acid substitutions were seen at positions associated with drug resistance in Pr gene--10, 24, 74 (each 3%) and position 82 (11%). Substitutions were seen at positions 41 (1%), 100 (1%), 101 (6%), 103 (2%), 179 (6%) and 181 (1%) of the RT sequence known to confer drug resistance in clade B. Polymorphisms in HIV-1 pol gene among treatment-naïve individuals were similar when compared with previous data. One strain each had Y181C substitution, T74S and E35G substitutions in the Pr and one had A98G, K101R and L210FL substitutions in RT.