The Food Situations Questionnaire: a measure of children's willingness to try novel foods in stimulating and non-stimulating situations.

Research paper by R R Loewen, P P Pliner

Indexed on: 14 Nov '00Published on: 14 Nov '00Published in: Appetite


This paper reports the development and validation of a self-report measure of food neophobia for children. Items described hypothetical situations in which novel foods might be encountered and asked children to report how they would feel about tasting or eating them. Ten items, representing two correlated subscales, were selected from among a larger number, using standard item selection measures with a total of 335 children, aged 7-12 years. The two subscales represent willingness to try novel foods in highly stimulating circumstances and willingness to try novel foods in non-stimulating circumstances. The test was shown to significantly predict actual willingness to taste novel foods in a laboratory situation. In addition, it was shown to predict such willingness better than parents' reports of the children's neophobia. Finally, the test was shown to have satisfactory internal and test-retest reliabilities.