The Flavour Hierarchy and See-Saw Neutrinos from Bulk Masses in 5d Orbifold GUTs

Research paper by Arthur Hebecker, John March-Russell

Indexed on: 05 Jul '02Published on: 05 Jul '02Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


In supersymmetric grand unified theories (GUTs) based on S^1/(Z_2 x Z'_2) orbifold constructions in 5 dimensions, Standard Model (SM) matter and Higgs fields can be realized in terms of 5d hypermultiplets. These hypermultiplets can naturally have large bulk masses, leading to a localization of the zero modes at one of the two branes or to an exponential suppression of the mass of the lowest-lying non-zero mode. We demonstrate that these dynamical features allow for the construction of an elegant 3-generation SU(5) model in 5 dimensions that explains all the hierarchies between fermion masses and CKM matrix elements in geometrical terms. Moreover, if U(1)_\chi (where SU(5) x U(1)_\chi \subset SO(10)) is gauged in the bulk, but broken by the orbifold action at the SM brane, the right-handed neutrino mass scale is naturally suppressed relative to M_GUT. Together with our construction in the charged fermion sector this leads, via the usual see-saw mechanism, to a realistic light neutrino mass scale and large neutrino mixing angles.