The Experience of Caregivers Living with Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Synthesis.

Research paper by Peeranuch P LeSeure, Supaporn S Chongkham-Ang

Indexed on: 28 Nov '15Published on: 28 Nov '15Published in: Journal of personalized medicine


The objectives of this meta-synthesis were to: (1) explore the experience of caregivers who were caring for cancer patients, including their perceptions and responses to the situation; and (2) describe the context and the phenomena relevant to the experience. Five databases were used: CINAHL, MEDLINE, Academic Search, Science Direct, and a Thai database known as the Thai Library Integrated System (ThaiLIS). Three sets of the context of the experience and the phenomena relevant to the experience were described. The contexts were (1) having a hard time dealing with emotional devastation; (2) knowing that the caregiving job was laborious; and (3) knowing that I was not alone. The phenomenon showed the progress of the caregivers' thoughts and actions. A general phenomenon of the experience-balancing my emotion-applied to most of the caregivers; whereas, more specific phenomenon-keeping life as normal as possible and lifting life above the illness-were experienced by a lesser number of the caregivers. This review added a more thorough explanation of the issues involved in caregiving for cancer patients. A more comprehensive description of the experience of caregiving was described. The findings of this review can be used to guide clinical practice and policy formation in cancer patient care.