The Evolution of the Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Reservoir and Surgical Placement.

Research paper by Tariq T Hakky, Aaron A Lentz, Hossein H Sadeghi-Nejad, Mohit M Khera

Indexed on: 14 Nov '15Published on: 14 Nov '15Published in: The Journal of Sexual Medicine


The traditional inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP) reservoir placement is below the transversalis fascia in the space of Retzius. In 2002, Dr. Steve Wilson described ectopic reservoir placement, thereby providing a safe and effective alternative for implant surgeons. This new approach obviated the need for a second incision and decreased operative times during surgery. In the manuscript, he also described the introduction of a reservoir lock-out valve, which prevents autoinflation of the penile implant. The development of lockout valves and flat reservoirs has contributed to the early success and feasibility of submuscular placement techniques. Thirteen years after Dr. Wilson's pivotal study, this technique should be in the armamentarium of all urologic prosthetic surgeons. Accordingly, in certain subsets of patients, ectopic/ submuscular reservoir site placement should be considered a safe, effective alternative to standard reservoir placement in the space of Retzius.