The entangled ergodic theorem in the almost periodic case

Research paper by Francesco Fidaleo

Indexed on: 30 Aug '09Published on: 30 Aug '09Published in: Mathematics - Functional Analysis


Let $U$ be a unitary operator acting on the Hilbert space $\ch$, and $\a:\{1,..., 2k\}\mapsto\{1,..., k\}$ a pair partition. Then the ergodic average $$ \frac{1}{N^{k}}\sum_{n_{1},...,n_{k}=0}^{N-1} U^{n_{\a(1)}}A_{1}U^{n_{\a(2)}}... U^{n_{\a(2k-1)}}A_{2k-1}U^{n_{\a(2k)}} $$ converges in the strong operator topology provided $U$ is almost periodic, that is when $\ch$ is generated by the eigenvalues of $U$. We apply the present result to obtain the convergence of the Cesaro mean of several multiple correlations.