The electrical behaviour and conduction mechanism of some mixed transition metal TCNQ salts

Research paper by M. Fadly, A. A. Shabaka

Indexed on: 01 Dec '88Published on: 01 Dec '88Published in: Journal of Materials Science


The electrical behaviour of tetracyanoquinodimethane mixed transition metal salts (iron, cobalt, nickel and copper) has been investigated in the temperature range 290–533 K at constant pressure of 100 kbar cm−2. The electrical resistivity measurements show a phase transition at nearly 380 and 390 K. The anomaly in the electrical resistivity is discussed. The activation energy of conductance has been calculated below and above the transition temperature. Further information concerning the electrical behaviour is obtained by considering the type and mechanism of the conduction process. This has been achieved by studying the effect of complex formation and temperature on the mobility and the number of charge carriers which take part in the conduction process.