The effects of test environment and rearing condition on amphetamine-induced stereotypy in the guinea pig

Research paper by B. J. Sahakian, T. W. Robbins

Indexed on: 01 Jan '75Published on: 01 Jan '75Published in: Psychopharmacology


Ten socially deprived and 10 control guinea pigs were injected with 5.0 mg/kg d-amphetamine, and stereotypy was rated over 1 hr. The animals were tested in a novel environment, in a familiar environment, and again in the novel environment. Stereotypy was reduced in the novel environment. An increase in stereotypy between the test in the novel environment and the retest in the novel environment indicated a conditioning effect. Regardless of environment, controls showed greater stereotypy than socially deprived guinea pigs. The results are discussed in terms of the variables which determine the form and intensity of stereotyped behavior.