The effects of optically induced non-Abelian gauge field in cold atoms

Research paper by Li-Hua Lu, You-Quan Li

Indexed on: 04 Jul '07Published on: 04 Jul '07Published in: Physics - Other


We show that $N-1$ degenerate dark states can be generated by coupling $N$-fold degenerate ground states and a common excited state with $N$ laser fields. Interferences between light waves with different frequencies can produce laser fields with time-dependent amplitudes, which can induce not only U(N) non-Abelian vector fields but also the scalar ones for the adiabatic motion of atoms in such laser fields. As an example, a time-periodic gauge potential is produced by applying specific laser fields to a tripod system. Some features of the Landau levels and the ground-state phase diagram of a rotating Bose-Einstein condensate for a concrete gauge field are also discussed.