The effective bandwidth problem revisited

Research paper by Vyacheslav M. Abramov

Indexed on: 15 Jul '08Published on: 15 Jul '08Published in: Mathematics - Probability


The paper studies a single-server queueing system with autonomous service and $\ell$ priority classes. Arrival and departure processes are governed by marked point processes. There are $\ell$ buffers corresponding to priority classes, and upon arrival a unit of the $k$th priority class occupies a place in the $k$th buffer. Let $N^{(k)}$, $k=1,2,...,\ell$ denote the quota for the total $k$th buffer content. The values $N^{(k)}$ are assumed to be large, and queueing systems both with finite and infinite buffers are studied. In the case of a system with finite buffers, the values $N^{(k)}$ characterize buffer capacities. The paper discusses a circle of problems related to optimization of performance measures associated with overflowing the quota of buffer contents in particular buffers models. Our approach to this problem is new, and the presentation of our results is simple and clear for real applications.