The effect of the disk magnetic element profile on the saturation field and noise of a magneto-modulation magnetic field sensor

Research paper by P. M. Vetoshko, A. K. Zvezdin, V. A. Skidanov, I. I. Syvorotka, I. M. Syvorotka, V. I. Belotelov

Indexed on: 16 Jun '15Published on: 16 Jun '15Published in: Technical Physics Letters


Using the finite element method, it was shown by simulations that the approximation of a semielliptic thickness profile of magnetic disk by a stepped profile reduces the saturation field. Reducing the saturation field improves the sensitivity of magneto-modulation sensors, which is confirmed by experiments in the measurements of noise using magnetic field sensors that have a core with a stepped profile. The obtained level of magnetic sensor noise with a four-stage-core profile (1.5 × 10−9 Oe/Hz1/2) is more than an order of magnitude lower than in the known modern counterparts.