The effect of pre-heating on monomer elution from bulk-fill resin composites.

Research paper by Mohammad-Esmaeel ME Ebrahimi-Chaharom, Leila L Safyari, Hossein H Safarvand, Elmira E Jafari-Navimipour, Parnian P Alizadeh-Oskoee, Amir-Ahmad AA Ajami, Mahdi M Abed-Kahnamouei, Mahmoud M Bahari

Indexed on: 02 Oct '20Published on: 01 Oct '20Published in: Journal of clinical and experimental dentistry


The present study was aimed to evaluate the effect of pre-heating of bulk -fill resin composites on monomer elution from them. Three different types of resin composites were used including Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill, X-tra Fill and X-tra Base. 10 cylindrical samples were prepared from each resin composites. Before light curing, 5 samples were pre-heated until reaching 68˚C, then 5 other samples were polymerized at room temperature. After 24 hours, release of UDMA, TEGDMA and BIS-GMA monomers were measured by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography analysis. Data analysis was performed by two-way ANOVA test, Games-Howell and Sidak post hoc tests. Pre-heating did not have any statistically significant effect on the mean values of UDMA, TEGDMA and Bis-GMA elution (>0.05). The greatest amount of released Bis-GMA and UDMA was obtained from Tetric N-Ceram Bulk-fill composite. The greatest amount of released TEGDMA was obtained from X-tra Fill composite. X-tra Base composite showed the lowest amount of monomer release (<0.001). Pre-heating did not have any effect on monomer release from bulk-fill resin composites. Moreover, the amount and the type of monomers released from various bulk-fill resin composites were not similar. Bulk fill composite resin, elution, HPLC, residual monomer, temperature. Copyright: © 2020 Medicina Oral S.L.