The early management of patients with multiple injuries: an evidence-based, practical guide for the orthopaedic surgeon.

Research paper by C G CG Moran, D P DP Forward

Indexed on: 22 Mar '12Published on: 22 Mar '12Published in: The Journal of bone and joint surgery. British volume


There have been many advances in the resuscitation and early management of patients with severe injuries during the last decade. These have come about as a result of the reorganisation of civilian trauma services in countries such as Germany, Australia and the United States, where the development of trauma systems has allowed a concentration of expertise and research. The continuing conflicts in the Middle East have also generated a significant increase in expertise in the management of severe injuries, and soldiers now survive injuries that would have been fatal in previous wars. This military experience is being translated into civilian practice. The aim of this paper is to give orthopaedic surgeons a practical, evidence-based guide to the current management of patients with severe, multiple injuries. It must be emphasised that this depends upon the expertise, experience and facilities available within the local health-care system, and that the proposed guidelines will inevitably have to be adapted to suit the local resources.