The E3 SUMO ligase Nse2 regulates sumoylation and nuclear-to-cytoplasmic translocation of skNAC-Smyd1 in myogenesis.

Research paper by Janine J Berkholz, Laura L Michalick, Barbara B Munz

Indexed on: 09 Jul '14Published on: 09 Jul '14Published in: Journal of cell science


Skeletal and heart muscle-specific variant of the α subunit of nascent polypeptide associated complex (skNAC; encoded by NACA) is exclusively found in striated muscle cells. Its function, however, is largely unknown. Previous reports have demonstrated that skNAC binds to m-Bop/Smyd1, a multi-functional protein that regulates myogenesis both through the control of transcription and the modulation of sarcomerogenesis, and that both proteins undergo nuclear-to-cytoplasmic translocation at the later stages of myogenic differentiation. Here, we show that skNAC binds to the E3 SUMO ligase mammalian Mms21/Nse2 and that knockdown of Nse2 expression inhibits specific aspects of myogenic differentiation, accompanied by a partial blockade of the nuclear-to-cytoplasmic translocation of the skNAC-Smyd1 complex, retention of the complex in promyelocytic leukemia (PML)-like nuclear bodies and disturbed sarcomerogenesis. In addition, we show that the skNAC interaction partner Smyd1 contains a putative sumoylation motif and is sumoylated in muscle cells, with depletion of Mms21/Nse2 leading to reduced concentrations of sumoylated Smyd1. Taken together, our data suggest that the function, specifically the balance between the nuclear and cytosolic roles, of the skNAC-Smyd1 complex might be regulated by sumoylation.