The dry etching of group III-nitride wide-bandgap semiconductors

Research paper by H. P. Gillis, D. A. Choutov, K. P. Martin

Indexed on: 01 Aug '96Published on: 01 Aug '96Published in: JOM (Warrendale, Pa. : 1989)


Fabricating device structures from the III-N semiconductors requires dry-etching processes that leave smooth surfaces with stoichiometric composition after transferring patterns with vertical sidewalls. Results obtained by standard methods are summarized, and the extent of concomitant ion bombardment damage is assessed. A new low-damage technique—low-energy electron- enhanced etching—that avoids ion bombardment altogether is described, and early results for III-N materials are summarized. Etching issues critical in forming contacts and fabricating laser facets and mirrors are highlighted, and some prospects for future work are also identified.