The daycourse of place.

Research paper by Julie J Vallée

Indexed on: 03 Oct '17Published on: 03 Oct '17Published in: Social Science & Medicine


The present paper aims to contribute to the debate about the temporal relationships between place and health. It explores the notion of 'daycourse of place' echoing the discussion which recently occurred in this journal about the 'lifecourse of place' (Andrews, 2017; Lekkas et al., 2017a, b). When highlighting the importance of time in shaping health within places, most of studies focus either on the trajectories of places over a matter of years or the daily trajectories of people in link with their activity space. However, daily trajectories of places remain a poor cousin in place and health literature. This paper is intended to overcome 'jetlag', which places suffer when they are labelled with frozen attributes over a 24-h period. It explores the values and feasibility of exploring daily trajectories of places to investigate place effects on health or to design area-based interventions for public health action. More than just a metaphor, the 'daycourse of place' appears to be an inspiring framework to elaborate the importance of daily temporal relationalities for research and action in place-based health inequalities.