The Darboux transformation of the derivative nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation

Research paper by Shuwei Xu, Jingsong He, Lihong Wang

Indexed on: 04 Sep '11Published on: 04 Sep '11Published in: Nonlinear Sciences - Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems


The n-fold Darboux transformation (DT) is a 2\times2 matrix for the Kaup-Newell (KN) system. In this paper,each element of this matrix is expressed by a ratio of $(n+1)\times (n+1)$ determinant and $n\times n$ determinant of eigenfunctions. Using these formulae, the expressions of the $q^{[n]}$ and $r^{[n]}$ in KN system are generated by n-fold DT. Further, under the reduction condition, the rogue wave,rational traveling solution, dark soliton, bright soliton, breather solution, periodic solution of the derivative nonlinear Schr\"odinger(DNLS) equation are given explicitly by different seed solutions. In particular, the rogue wave and rational traveling solution are two kinds of new solutions. The complete classification of these solutions generated by one-fold DT is given in the table on page.