The cranial dura mater: a review of its history, embryology, and anatomy.

Research paper by Nimer N Adeeb, Martin M MM Mortazavi, R Shane RS Tubbs, Aaron A AA Cohen-Gadol

Indexed on: 25 Apr '12Published on: 25 Apr '12Published in: Child's Nervous System


The dura mater is important to the clinician as a barrier to the internal environment of the brain, and surgically, its anatomy should be well known to the neurosurgeon and clinician who interpret imaging.The medical literature was reviewed in regard to the morphology and embryology of specifically, the intracranial dura mater. A historic review of this meningeal layer is also provided.Knowledge of the cranial dura mater has a rich history. The embryology is complex, and the surgical anatomy of this layer and its specializations are important to the neurosurgeon.